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romney can claim six out of ten victories. rick santorum got three states. >> key contest in ohio was extremely close. 9news reporter delia goncalves is in our satellite center with more. >> reporter: good morning. mitt romney squeaked out a victory in that key state of ohio, narrowly beating out his main competitor at this point rick santorum. we have a breakdown of what last night looked like and what everyone won. romney you can see won -- i'm sorry, that is newt gingrich. you can see he just won -- i apologize, folks. we'll go to romney. romney is the front-runner and won the races last night. you could say he was a clear winner of super tuesday winning ohio, massachusetts, vermont, idaho, alaska. he walks awie with a total of 418 delegates. rick santorum gained the silver medal as he says. he took tennessee, north dakota and oklahoma. we're not able to show you the full screen at this moment. let me continue to go down the numbers. newt gingrich got his first win in his home state as expected, his home state of georgia. that brings the total delegates to 105. ron paul, though
in the united states as we head into super tuesday, it's once again a battle between mitt romney and rick santorum. romney leads the delegate count. he spent yesterday in georgia where he served some pancakes instead of going after his republican rivals, mitt romney attacked the president's record instead. >> he's been in office for three years. i'm still waiting to hear what his jobs plan is, how he's going to make america more competitive, how he's going to put us back to work. >> rick santorum and mitt romney are locked in a dead heat in ohio which is always a key state at election time and it's up for grabs right now. santorum says romney has failed to close the deal with voters. he says this year's g.o.p. nomination may be decided at the republican national convention. santorum who spent yesterday in oklahoma says he expects to do well in the south with the conservative voters. >> it's always harder when you've got two conservative candidates out there running in the race as we've seen in washington and we've seen in some of the other states. we have the anti-romney vote if you will,
. >> ron paul and newt gingrich were both in single digits. mitt romney won with 47% of the vote. delia goncalves is live with more. >> reporter: good morning. it seems that romney spent some big money for that big win in illinois last night. $3 million in fact for a series of tv campaign ads in that state. romney won amongest voters there who said their primary concerns were the economy and beating local son barack obama. rick santorum won major victories last week in mississippi and alabama but romney came back strong sunday with a big win when he took puerto rico. >> we know our future's brighter than these troubled times. we still believe in america. and we deserve a president who believes in us. and i believe in the american people. >> we're heading to louisiana for the rest of the week. then we're going to be back here in pennsylvania and we're going to pick up a whole boat load of delegates and close this gap and on to victory. >> reporter: santorum rally add group of supporters in his home state of pennsylvania where he vowed to continue on but does the campaign include a stop l
. it's the biggest prize yet that we've had so far in the race and here in virginia, romney is expected to run away with the race. the reason for that is because only rit mom any and ron paul -- mitt romney and ron paul appear on the ballot here in virginia. the rest ever the candidates filed suit to get on the the ballot but they failed to get enough signatures so they will not appear on the ballot. meanwhile romney and santorum are focusing on ohio, a critical swing state and the biggest race today with 63 delegates at stake. >> it always comes down to ohio but usually not in the primary. we need to make sure that ohio puts forth the best possible nominee to take on barack obama. >> i believe in america. i believe you're going to do the right thing tomorrow. i need your vote. >> you have a chance to vote to somebody who has done it, knows how to do it, who has the right vision for doing it and who is probably i think people agree i would be the best person to debate obama. >> reporter: meanwhile ron paul is in caucus state idaho where he's speaking to young people hoping to pull off a
. rick santorum's campaign is accusing mitt romney's camp of rigging the delegate distribution from tuesday's michigan primary. >> meanwhile all the four candidates have busy weekends ahead of super tuesday when virginia and nine other states head to the polls. >> reporter: rick santorum told supporters in spokane, washington they'll help reenergize his campaign during its caucuses tomorrow. >> we're excited about our chances here in washington state. we think we can surprise a lot of people. >> reporter: santorum lost to mitt romney in michigan on tuesday. the former pennsylvania senator says he should have been awarded half of the state's 30 delegates but michigan republicans gave romney an extra delegate saying there was confusion over new rules agreed to in february and a correction was made on wednesday. >> good ole boy network. they have to change the rules aft game so they can win. that's pathetic. >> reporter: santorum is leading romney in the polls in ohio. they'll both campaign there today. ohio is a priority because it's a swing state in the general election gl. while cam
in mississippi and alabama. mitt romney continues to lead but rick santorum says he is making strides and feels confident if he could go head to head with romney, he would win. newt gingrich, though, says he is not leaving the race. >> we think the folks in mississippi and alabama are going to vote for the conservative that represents their values that can present the best contrast with president obama. >> we are going to get a lot of delegates in mississippi and alabama. >> governor romney joins the others back on the trail today. santorum took a win in kansas. romney now has 454 delegates, twice as many as santorum, gingrich and ron paul combined. but a long way away from the 1144 needed to win the nomination. >>> time for the latest your money report this morning. >>> jessica doyle joins us with a look at wall street. >>> we are hoping for the best. wall street really focusing in on the state of the economy this week. one major event tomorrow. the federal reserve is expected to keep short-term interest rates unchanged. we had positive news about the greek debt crisis. checking the nuns the d
mitt romney is leading in hawaii with more than 34% of the vote while santorum has about 30%. santorum's wins both came in the deep south n. alabama he won with almost 35% of the vote. newt gingrich placed second with just over 29%, only a few tenths of a point ahead of romney. and in neighboring miss missantorum got 33% of the vote. >>> it is 5:05. time for the latest your money report. >> jessica doyle is here with today's headlines. a big day on wall street yesterday. >> you're wearing the color of the day, green. we'd take another one today just like yesterday. the dow closing above 13,000, highest level since late 2007. not to be outdone, the nasdaq had its first close above 3,000 since december 2000 helping out we had a better than expected report on february retail sales and jpmorgan chase among other things it's raising its stock dividend. checking the numbers, the dow searched -- surged 218 points, 13,177. nasdaq was up by 56. s&p 500 was up by about 25 points. we just told but wal-mart helping you to digitize your dvd collection. now we're going to tell you how it works. all
romney's advisers compared the post convention campaign to a child's toy saying you can shake it up and start all over again for the general election campaign. now romney is trying to reassure conservatives he won't be running to the center. >> i'm running as a conservative republican. i was a conservative republican governor. i will be running as a conservative nominee for president that the policies and positions are the same. >> that should be comforting to all you who are voting in this primary that whoever you're going to vote for is going to be a completely new candidate. >> rick santorum jumped on the romney campaign gaffe at his campaign stops in louisiana while holding his primary this saturday. however, romney did pick up a key endorsement from former florida governor jeb bush. >> a crowd mass in manhattan to show their support for the parents of trayvon martin. the teenager was shot and killed last month but police have not charged the shooter, a neighborhood watch captain who says he fired in self-defense. that man george zimmerman once lived in northern virginia. 9news
't care what unemployment rate is going to be. mitt romney tried to capitalize on that flub. >> the people also running for the republican nomination said today he doesn't care about the unemployment rate. it doesn't bother him. i do care about the unemployment rate. it does bother me. i want to get people back to work. >> of course i care about the unemployment rate. i want it to go down but i'm saying my candidacy doesn't hinge on whether the unemployment rate goes up or down. my candidacy is about freedom. >> polls show mitt romney has a 14-point lead. rick santorum is also add a disadvantage because his campaign didn't file the necessary paperwork in some of the districts. cbs news estimates mitt romney is approaching 500 delegates. >>> a memo obtained by 9news now appears to show a quota system for arlington county police officers. it refers to expectations for the amount of tickets issued. delia goncalves is live in arlington with more on this story you'll see only on 9. good morning, delia. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. you know, drivers, if you ever had a hunch that police wer
? >> that would be nice. >> that's what mitt romney's wife is apparently saying. we'll let you know what she means coming up. >>> plus, new antismoking ads designed to grab your attention and make you very uncomfortable. they debut today. >>> monika? >> park police are on the scene of an accident on the northbound side of the bw parkway just after route 450. it is blocking the right lane. coming up in my next report, more on area roadways at 5:28. you're watching 9news now. we'll be back in a moment. >>> good morning. welcome back to 9news now. happy monday. i'm andrea roane. >>> emit's here. the warm -- it's here. the warm t is back. i'm mike hydeck. howard bernstein. >>> we're so degrees above average. this could be the warmest march on record. >> we kept talking over the weekend how this run is warmer. >> we started in the low 50s last marathon was in the low 30s. good race on saturday morning and another pretty decent day and another decent week around here as everything is in bloom. cherry blossoms peak bloom tomorrow through friday. incredible. not the earliest on record. here's a look at th
going to the polls. >> rick santorum had harsh words for mitt romney. >> he is the worst republican in the country. to put up against barack obama. why would wisconsin want to vote for someone like that? >> santorum easily won louisiana saturday but still has less than half as many convention delegates as romney. newt gingrich and ron paul have scheduled events in maryland for tomorrow and wednesday and santorum is expected to swing through as well. >>> and early vote asking underway in both the district and maryland. in dc, voters can cast bal lots at one of the stie's eight early voting centers. early voters in maryland have, through this thursday, for cast their ballots. each county's early voting centers are open from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. >>> the nation's highest court will hear three days of arguments about president obama's healthcare reform law. >> reporter: the court will hear six hours of arguments over the next three days. today's question was should the court take up this question, it actually doesn't take effect until 2014. it would ensure all americans receive proper
from being added on to d.c.'s presidential primary ballot next month. >>> in campaign 2012, mitt romney cannot rest on his two primary wins tuesday night. that is because super tuesday comes next week and with the 419 convention delegates at stake, all the republican candidates are scrambling to try to get their message heard. >> that is the key building block that we have to have to move forward in the presidential campaign. >> as much as i would like to do something, i think it's going to self-destruct anyway when the money is gone. >> i'm running because i want to return the power that's gone to washington back to the american people. >> we've got work to do. i need year votes. i -- i need your votes. >> virginia is one of the ten states holding presidential primaries on super tuesday. only mitt romney and ron paul are on the ballot. in 2008 virginia voted for president obama. >>> the time right now 5:34. 5:35. i'm watching your money. scores of birth control pills are being crawled. -- being recalled. some are the pills are not in the proper sequence. if taken out of order, they may
romney to be the republican presidential nominee. the poll was taken last night at the district of columbia republican committee's annual fund raising dinner. romney received 72%. newt gingrich came in second with almost 9%. rick santorum and ron paul each got 8%. d.c.'s presidential primary is one week if today. >>> gamblers, cue have more options when it -- you could have more options when it comes to taking your chances in maryland. the state senate has given preliminary approval to allow table games. it also pays for a six-state casino license in prince george's county george's county and the maryland house of delegates has pass add bill to exempt fantasy games from prohip bigs against betting, wagering and gambling. >>> virginia senate has approved a new budget to fund state operations for the next two years, something it failed to do during its regular session. the votes came after the state senate rejected a democratic amendment. it would have compelled either insurance companies are the state to pay for ultrasound exams now required for women seeking abortions. now senat
most voters think mitt romney will eventually be the republican nominee but they also show president obama would beat any of the four g.o.p. candidates. >>> are you inned mood for a bargain? we have a list of them coming up for you. today's daily deals at 5:40. >>> we'll reveal at 5:22 the -- rather the maryland women find out their first opponent for the ncaa tournament. >>> at 5:14, howard's forecast. >>> it's 5:13. tuesday morning. we're dragging this morning. i've got to admit. i don't like tuesdays. but you may like howard's forecast. it's a warm one. >> average highs are in the mid- 50s right now, about 55 for this time of year. we're going to run 20, maybe 25 above that in spots. >> three above it right now at 5:00. >> tomorrow looks nice. thursday looks nice. friday some showers. even the weekend. i've got 70s. incredible warmth. here's a look at the bus stop forecast. got a couple of showers still out there south and southeast of town but they'll be pulling away i think over the next hour or so. i pulled those showers out of the bus stop forecast. partly sunny, mild, 50s and
ron paul spoke to a crowd at richie coliseum in university of maryland. today mitt romney is getting a big endorsement from former president george h.w. bush. rick santorum has been campaigning in wisconsin and in california. >>> coming up on 5:35. time for another your money report. >> jessica doyle is back with the question have you ever met your ceo? >> well, you know this is a good question. a new survey is out and the findings are this -- one in five american workers don't even know what their chief executive looks like. maybe a little bit of a disconnect between leadership and workers here. our partners at career builder led the survey looking at how well american workers do know their senior leadership and this surprised me. 60% of workers say they have actually met their ceo. that's a good thing. by industry workers and business services sales and manufacturing are most lickly to have -- likely to have met their ceo. a majority have not. >>> if you have bad spending habits they're not just being watched by your bank or credit card company. your kids are keeping an eye on what
. mitt romney stopped in maryland last week, rick santorum has not stopped in maryland recently. >>> and locally the fight for the democratic nomination in maryland's sixth district is heating up. garagiola and delaney lead a pack of democrats in the race. roscoe bartlett is the incumbent but the district was redrawn. >>> expect one more big day of protests outside the u.s. supreme court. that's where justices are hearing oral arguments over president obama's health care reform law for a third and final day. and some of the exchanges tuesday have analysts guessing the law could be in trouble. 9news now reporter delia goncalves is live outside the supreme court with details, good morning delia. why do they think it's in trouble? >> reporter: good -- well, you know there was some heated exchanges yesterday but we should remember that a decision, a final decision, won't come down until june but of course that being said, five of the conservative justices yesterday did seem to express some concern that government could be overstepping its bounds. the government talked about the pote
appearances yesterday and that's after a mitt romney aide compared starting the general election push to the toy saying you can shake it up and start all over again. good for stock prices for etch a sketch as well. >>> well, soon it will be maryland and d.c.'s turn to have a say in the campaign election season. tomorrow early voting for the primaries begins in both jurisdictions and here to talk more about early voting and the april 3ed primary are marge rhee public information officer for the montgomery county board of elections and allison mclaughlin public affairs manager for the d.c. board of elections, thank you both for getting up this early in the morning, we appreciate that. allison we'll begin in d.c.. how many centers will the district have open beginning tomorrow and what are the hours? >> we have eight sites, one in each ward of the city. the hours are 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. >> this is an early voting situation, do i have to go to the precinct site in order to cast an early ballot or anywhere in the city? >> you can go to any one of the eight locations in the city. >> we'v
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